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What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Physical and Mental Health?

If you always remember your dreams, you are probably jolted awake during REM sleep.

While we all have dreams, and some of them can be so jarring that we remember them due to the intensity, most of us can only remember a few of them. This is because when we are in deep sleep, our dreams are active, but we cannot remember them when we wake up as we phase in and out of these dreams. So, if you find that you always remember your dreams, you are likely having troubles sleeping. This is because in order to remember your dreams, they have to be interrupted to a certain extent. When you are dreaming, you are present and not focused on remembering the experiences; however, if you are disrupted, you may find yourself aware of what you were dreaming as it happened more recently. So, if you always remember your dreams, you may want to see a sleep specialist as lack of sleep can cause other issues.