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What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Physical and Mental Health?

If you get up to pee more than once or twice per night, you could be pre-diabetic.

If you drink too much before going to sleep, it is of course natural to have to get up in the night to use the bathroom. However, if this occurs regularly, it is safe to say that there's a problem - particularly if it occurs once or twice in a night.

Many people are actually diagnosed with diabetes by initially noticing problems that they have with their urine. Sometimes, the smell will be strange, and when they go in to the doctor to have everything checked out, analysis of the sample will occasionally test blood sugar levels, which indicate the presence of diabetes in certain circumstances. As such, if you are regularly having to get up to use the restroom, you should probably reach out to your doctor and see what the problem is. If it is diabetes, you will then be able to seek treatment.