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What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Physical and Mental Health?

If you nap every single day, you could have respiratory issues.

Do you find yourself feeling tired in the middle of the day... every day? We all love our naps, but they should not be necessary on such a frequent basis. If you find that you are fatigued daily to the extent that you require some shut eye, it could be a sign that you are suffering from respiratory issues.

The data surrounding this is shocking, and a little bit scary if you're an avid napper. A study showed that those who take a nap every day, but for under an hour each day, are 40% more likely to die from a respiratory disease. Those who took a nap every day for over an hour had over twice the likelihood of dying from a respiratory disease than those who do not take frequent naps.

So, if you find yourself relying on those siestas, you might want to visit your doctor.