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What Do Your Sleep Habits Say About Your Physical and Mental Health?

Lack of sleep could also be connected to breast cancer.

Need another reason to avoid those all-nighters? Lack of sleep has shown to be connected to the development of breast cancer. So you definitely want to avoid it, especially if you are already genetically at a heightened risk of developing the disease.

Much like why your body continues to gain weight even if you are doing everything but sleep "right," your body cannot fight off diseases and harmful cells as it might be able to normally if it does not have enough energy from sleep. Of course, this is not to say that the reason people develop cancers is because they have not gotten enough sleep, but they do have a better likelihood of fighting it off if they are getting enough rest every night. So, continue to go to your doctor, get screened, etc., but also make sure you are counting sheep at a reasonable hour!