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Sophomore at Staunton River Combats Her Cystic Fibrosis Through Her Love of Sports

staunton river combats her cystic fibrosis

Sophomore at Staunton River Combats Her Cystic Fibrosis Through Her Love of Sports

Despite her condition, Lynsey Ball manages to always stay positive — no matter the situation. Her infectious energy radiates throughout her school; even just passing her in the hallway can brighten someone's day. Many might assume she could suffer from a lack of energy, but quite the opposite is true. Some would even call her hyper! Cystic fibrosis hasn't been able to dampen Ball's spirit in any way. This might be due to the fact that it's not her only competition — she's also a three-sport athlete integral in bringing Staunton River to victory. 

Lynsey Ball manages to stay positive despite her condition and no matter the situation. Throughout her school her infectious energy radiates out.  She can brighten someone’s day just by passing by someone. Some would feel that she is hyper in nature and would assume that she could suffer from lack of energy.  But in no way her spirit has been dampened by cystic fibrosis. The possible reason could be that she is a three sport athlete. She has brought victory to Stauton River.

This disease is a progressive genetic disease and due to persistent lung infection the ability of the person to breathe reduces. Patient suffers from continuous coughing. There is a risk of lung infection that could occur frequently that can cause pneumonia or bronchitis. Also the disease can cause wheezing, trouble gaining weight, occasional bowel issues and shortness of breath. Many feel that for an athlete these symptoms are barring but she refuses to let the disease keep her away from dreams and passion. Even her younger brother suffers from the same disease.

Even before the age of two years Lynsey and her brother were diagnosed with condition. When doctors caught the disease she was only five months old.  This can make a significant impact on the treatment and success since when the treatment is administered early the course of treatment and patients overall health can be altered.

From patient to patient the symptoms vary and the severity differs. Hence it is impossible to do the treatment.  In order to best administer the treatment doctors should have an individual relationship with the patient. Ball has to follow daily breathing treatments and pills. Certain hardships associated with the disease, could be avoided by her since she was diagnosed very early. Since she knows how much these pills and breathing treatment have helped her, now they do not bother her. In a day she has to take over 60 pills.

Without properly preparing first she cannot eat. Before eating food she has to take eight pancreatic enzyme supplements. These enzymes are crucial since for her athletic performance she has to eat. These help in absorption of vital nutrients. She takes breathing treatment twice per day. Since she cannot reap enough nutrients by normal eating hence she has to use a feeding tube. Not only in athletics but also in other fields she has great success. She says that there is a competition between her brother and her as to who gains more weight or who grows the most.

Despite her struggle she shows her competitive side at doctor’s office and also in JV basketball, varsity volleyball and softball. She feels another form of treatment is athletics. She says that since sports helps to clear her lungs she is always encouraged to play sports and she loves playing sports. In every may a tournament is sponsored by her softball team. To the cystic fibrosis foundation these proceeds are donated to. The driving force for Ball is the support from her team and others. She feels it is of utmost important to spread awareness. She says that push yourself harder and do not let anything hold you back and keep eating healthy.