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A Strong Support System Can Help Lupus Patients Cope

The Power of Excellent Interdisciplinary Medical Support

The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), together with their Lupus and Antiphospholipid (APS) Center of Excellence in New York, has designed a health care program for lupus patients in collaboration with the Department of Social Work Programs. This interdisciplinary effort aims to assist lupus patients in navigating the complex healthcare system, which has been a concern and caused many lupus patients to derail their treatment. More than the clinical approach to treating the disease by rheumatologists, this support system also deploys social workers to attend to the emotional needs of the patients as many individuals living with SLE are challenged by a number of psychosocial issues. Besides that, the social workers also articulate any financial difficulty that the patient may have with current treatment. Other foci of the program include continuous lupus education for both patients and physicians and specialized support groups that are tailored to the patient's’ needs.