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A Strong Support System Can Help Lupus Patients Cope


Meditate. Meditation is well-known to alleviate anxiety and depression as it allows your mind and body to attain true consciousness and navigate that space in your mind where your day-to-day worries weigh and mean less. In fact, it is so powerful that one study conducted in Thailand revealed that patients suffering from lupus nephritis experience less disease activity and improved quality of life with frequent meditation.

Eat well. Your body needs all the energy it can get when you’re living with something as unforgiving as lupus, and you’re certainly not going to get that eating heavily processed and “convenient” foods. There are thousands of websites and blogs online dedicated to healthy eating, and most of them offer free recipes. Take advantage of that.

Laugh because it’s still the best medicine. It is no question that lupus is a very serious disease, but it’s not enough reason to not find humor in your little everyday misadventures. The key is regarding your failings with compassion, and if you can laugh about it, then the disease practically already lost to you.