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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: How to Live With It

How to Live with SLE

Though there aren’t currently effective treatments to cure SLE, available ones can be relied on to ease the symptoms. The following are the medicines that help you ease the symptoms of SLE:

1. Antimalarial Medicine: This medicine can calm your painful joints and rashes.

2. Steroids: In the form of ointment or pill, this medicine acts as an anti-inflammatory.  

3. NSAIDs: NSAIDs help you lessen your swelling, fever, and pain. You may avail this medicine even without a doctor’s order. However, you better ask the exact information on when and how much you should take NSAIDs. For if these are not taken appropriately, problems such as stomach bleeding and kidney problems may occur.

4. Immunosuppressive Medicine: As what its name denotes, this medicine controls your immune system from attacking your own body. This is usually taken if the SLE is in its severe form.

5. Cytotoxic Medicine: Just like the other medicines, cytotoxic also prevents inflammation and your immune system from attacking your healthy tissue.