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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: How to Live With It

Tips for Management

  • Taking a rest: This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to do some activities. However, if you feel like your body needs to rest, then you should do it. Also, with the help of your health provider, your activities will be guided and organized well, so serious matters will be avoided.
  • Protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays: Since this disease affects your skin, avoid exposing yourself to ultraviolet light. It can worsen your swollen skin if you do. So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful day, do it early in the morning, not beyond 10 am since sun rays are stronger around this time until 4 in the afternoon. It is also good for you to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 every after 2 hours. Other ways like wearing pants, long sleeves, and hat may also do to protect your skin.
  • Applying heat on your skin: Heat can help you ease joint pain and swelling. So, applying something warm on your body, especially on the painful area for 20-30 minutes every after 2 hours may treat the swelling and painful area of skin in a good way.
  • Applying ice on your skin: Just like heat, coldness may also help you ease your joint pain and swollen skin. This also helps you prevent tissue damage. So, with an ice pack or anything that has ice, dab the affected area on your body with it for 15-20 minutes every hour.
  • Avoiding people who are sick: Basically, you tend to be very sensitive when it comes to possible infections, so it is better if you avoid people with other kinds of sickness.
  • Treating your flares in no time: Apparently, giving attention and treating your SLE flares immediately will help you avoid serious illness. So, always be sensitive to every kind of pain that your body feels.
  • Participating in a support group: This may also help you deal with your emotional issues about this disease. Hearing some pieces of advice or hearing other victims’ stories may strengthen your effort in dealing with SLE. Not just that, sharing how you feel about the right group and getting emotional support from them also helps you boost your inspiration.