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Preparing for the First Parkinson's Disease Fall

The Fall may be Inevitable, the Outcome Doesn’t Have to Be

Michael J. Fox used to say rather tongue in cheek, that having Parkinson's was like standing in the middle of a highway waiting to be hit. You didn’t know how hard you would be hit, how much it would hurt or how quickly you’d recover. While most Parkinson's patients live with the fact that they will at some point have that fall, they don’t know how serious the outcome will be. Many of the suggestions detailed, can help to lessen the severity of the aftermath of a fall.

The best course of action to deal with any problem is to have solutions and be prepared to execute them. For Parkinson's patients the most important part of the preparation plan is to be able to communicate with someone that can help as soon as possible. And while not all of these solutions will  work for everyone, it’s much better to be prepared for all eventualities than to not be.