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The Impact Socioeconomic Status Has for Lupus Patients

How does psychosocial stress work?

With psychosocial stress, the nerves and the endocrine system act together to regulate the physiological process of the human body in a process called neuroendocrine integration.The neuroendocrine system is made up of cells called neuroendocrine cells. These cells are like nerves but also create hormones. They receive signals from the nervous system and respond by making and releasing hormones. Due to stress triggers, these hormones may lead to immune dysregulation and the probable result is amplified cytokine production (high production of immune cells) which will lead to an autoimmune disease such as lupus.

Childhood traumatic stress also increases the likelihood of autoimmune disease in adulthood. But, whether or not patients who have a low income have psychosocial stress issues, this needs to be subjected to further research.