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The Importance of Maintaining CPAP Settings

Set it, but don't forget it

It’s not easy to determine what pressure is needed to treat OSA.  After going through a few sleep studies it might be tempting to set a CPAP machine and forget it, to avoid going through another sleep test.  But this is not a good idea, once the machine’s air pressure is set, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to stay there.

Remember all those variables that come into play to determine and set the correct air pressure on the CPAP machine?  Well, those variables change and that means that the required air pressure will as well. For example, someone who loses a significant amount of weight might no longer need a high setting or someone who begins taking medication may suddenly require more air pressure.

Whether it’s a self-setting machine or not, it’s critical to have the CPAP machine properly set and occasionally evaluated by a professional. Keep an eye on the symptoms, if there is an increase in afternoon fogs or waking-up cloudy or if someone begins to complain about snoring, then it may be time to reset the machine to a new setting.