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Sclerosis Blogs: Ashley's Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Ashley's Life with Multiple Sclerosis

Ashley Ringstaff is the creator and face of Ashley's Life with Multiple Sclerosis. When she was 22 years old, and after complaining of a numbness in her face, Ashley was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Ashley spend some time as a volunteer chat host for the MSWorld chat room before becoming the site's Social Media Director, and, later, the site's Content Management Director.

Ashley learned fast from her own experience with MS that if you choose to live your life full of spite and negativity, then you will never be able to be happy and fulfilled. Ashley says that if you learn to accept and embrace your life the way it is and learn to make the most of what you have every day, then you can rest assured that you are doing everything you possibly can for yourself and your loved ones.

Ashley's posts share her stories of coping with memory issues, a full detail of the phenomenon known as "cog-fog," and a story about the way her own perspective of life has changed through her personal experiences.