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The Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs

Sclerosis Blogs: BBH with MS

BBH with MS

Meg Lewellyn, the author and face of Boob, Boots & Hair (BBH) with MS, received her own MS diagnosis in 2007. Meg is a simple mom who attempts to live her life in a way that is not defined by MS. She chose to accept the cards that fate has dealt her with acceptance, grace, humor, and openness. Meg's outlook on life has helped her family learn how to cope and support her as her journey continues.

Meg says that while her blog title may seem like an odd choice, for her, it is a powerful and often funny reminder of how to look for the positive, find reasons to laugh and smile, and to always strive to be strong.

Meg's personal stories talk about how she came to decide on the title of her blog (with cute and interesting anecdotes), her personal experience with MS, and a listing of about 150 different blogs and websites on MS.