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The Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs

Sclerosis Blogs: It's Only a Bruise

It's Only a Bruise

Cat Stappas is the founder of the blog, It's Only a Bruise (And It's Okay to Ask Me About It). In 2013, Cat received her diagnosis of MS and immediately began her blog with the goal of helping to improve the quality and content of the conversation between her and her circle of friends.

Cat uses both honest and positivity to deliver posts that are often tongue-in-cheek. The goal of Cat's blog is to ease some of the fear that people with MS have, to provide support for the friends and family, and to provide an outlet of her own personal experiences, as well as advice, all with a positive attitude.

Cat's blog site even includes a first-hand account given by Cat's husband of what it was like watching Cat suffer through her symptoms for several years before she got her diagnosis.