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The Top 10 Multiple Sclerosis Blogs

Sclerosis Blogs: My New Normals

My New Normals

My New Normals (MNN) is the personal blog and website of creator, Nicole Lemelle. MNN chronicles the lives and personal experiences of people who are living with multiple sclerosis that seeks to provide individuals living with multiple sclerosis, families, friends, caregivers, and medical professionals an outlet.

The goal of MNN is to educate the public about MS and raise national awareness by generating conversation, promoting advocacy, highlighting resources, and inspiring hope.

The creator, Nicole Lemelle, is an activist, a writer, and an individual who is living with multiple sclerosis. She created the blog and website to help reassure others who are also experiencing multiple sclerosis, to offer education to those who are not familiar with multiple sclerosis, and to inspire all who visit to take control of their own lives.