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Three New Treatments Bring Good News for People With Crohn's

Results of the research for Crohn's disease

Results of the research

The researchers started the investigative study by selecting 1,856 patients with Crohn's disease who had received TNF inhibitor treatment. The researchers found that 90 percent of the participants remained on treatment around 6 months after the start of the TNF inhibitor treatment, while 65 percent continued with the treatment beyond 12 months. While the rates of bowel resection were close in patients with TNF inhibitor treatment that lasted less than 12 months and the patients who continued treatment beyond 12 months, the risk of bowel resection is higher after the start of anti-TNF treatment in regular health care. The patients who continued TNF inhibitor treatment beyond 12 months had about the same rate of bowel resection as the patients who ceased treatment in under 12 months.