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Tips for Sleep With Parkinson's Disease

Avoiding Light and Noise

Avoiding light and other sounds from the outside world can not only prove useful, but is suggested by the National Parkinson's Foundation. Blocking out different sounds and noise during this time and half-an hour before bed can prove more than useful in making steps towards a better sleep schedule. Setting up a sleep schedule and routine that promotes better sleep can start with making certain that light is blocked out. In addition to blocking light out at night, getting enough sunlight exposure and/or natural light during the day could promote better sleep overall. Individuals who have difficulty sleeping in full silence could seek out white noise makers and other medically professional devices that promote better sleep. Even something as simple as a sleeping mask has been shown to assist assorted individuals. Avoiding time on the phone, tablet, television, computer, and outside light at least thirty minutes prior to bedtime can improve the quality of sleep. Customizing a sleeping schedule to fit different needs can be done in any stage with professional assistance, but it is suggested that those who have addressed the earlier stages of Parkinson's seek out more restful nights to help slow down progression and can assist with various symptoms related to PD.