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Tips for Sleep With Parkinson's Disease

How to Establish Good Bedtime Habits

Establishing a bedtime habit that is proven to help you can be a tricky subject for many people around the world. Those who face any stage of PD are fully aware of this issue, oftentimes at a loss of what to do when stages progress past a certain point. Uncomfortable sleeping habits can follow one from early childhood or teenage years, leading to changes that are certainly not easy to make. Although certainly easier said than done, establishing a regular bedtime has been shown to improve symptoms in many patients, improving quality of life in some and providing a more restful feeling. Keeping up with this sleep schedule whenever possible and getting the full amount recommended by a healthcare professional based upon individualized needs could prove beneficial for those with PD. Setting up a bedtime ritual that is comfortable and relaxing could make a difference to those who are finding that the lack of proper sleep is only worsening the effects of Parkinson's in most patients.