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Tips for Sleep With Parkinson's Disease

Sleeping Difficulties and Parkinson's Disease

Certain individuals with PD are fully aware of the struggle that is getting into bed, especially as the later stages of PD advances. Feeling the mattress with both of your legs is just one tip offered by The National Parkinson's Association. Making certain to get into a bed properly can make all the difference for select patients. Discussing with a doctor on ways to manage getting into bed is an aspect that some PD patients may feel uncomfortable talking about. It is important for individuals to remember that even those in later stages oftentimes have questions that although might seem simple to some, are truly complex when facing the day to day issues of PD. Using slower motions and relying on other parts of the body has been shown to assist others when directed by a medical health professional. It is advised for those with PD to not use their knees to get into bed, as crawling and using the knees has been shown to have ill effects on the body and can cause certain tremors in others. Finding out a better sleeping method can be found by some in how to approach the mattress and proper techniques for laying down.