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12 Tips on Exercising with Cystic Fibrosis

Enjoy yourself!

Commit to a physical activity or activities that you enjoy and that make you feel better and healthier.

Every individual’s case of living with CF is unique. Symptoms differ and so does body type and endurance. The physical activities that you enjoy and that offer benefits to your body, both physical and mental, may differ from that of another individual living with CF. In any case, you should be aware that exercise can be beneficial to all and if you have CF, it can help to improve your well-being and overall quality of life. “For us however, the choice to not be active can be a lot more detrimental than it might be for our friends and peers that do not live with a chronic lung condition. Accepting our CF as a reason to be active, and to achieve health instead of avoid illness is a powerful driving force that can be seen as a gift of life with this genetic difference,” concluded Callanan.