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Trovagene Shows Promising Data for Lymphoma Treatment

PLK-1 inhibitors

The medication is a class of medications called PLK-1 inhibitors. PLK-1 is a protein enzyme that plays a role in cell division. PLK-1 has been shown to be elevated in many different types of cancer. So, inhibiting this enzyme could be a way of targeting blood cancer cells and preventing them from multiplying. PCM 075 was recently studied in combination with an HDAC inhibitor. HDACs, or histone deacetylases, are enzymes that play an important role in the gene regulation. Prior lab research has shown that inhibiting HDACs have some antitumor activity. That is how they started be used as a cancer treatment. Together the two medications were shown to have a high affinity for targeting DLBCL and mantel-cell lymphoma; two of the hardest blood cancers to treat.