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Trovagene Shows Promising Data for Lymphoma Treatment

What is PCM 075?

PCM 075 is the name of a medication that was created by Nerviano Medical sciences (NMS), which is a leading European oncology pharmaceutical company. The medication was initially developed to see how effective it would be in a number of different cancer types. Trovagene and NMS recently agreed to collaborate in moving forward with clinical trials for the medication in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Andrea Agazzi, president of the NMS group said in March of 2017 that “We are very pleased to start a collaboration with Trovagene, a world leader in precision medicine. Both Nerviano and Trovagene share the common goal of developing innovative new drugs for cancer patients. We're proud of this new important agreement as a further confirmation of our commitment to develop high level innovation through partnering. Our continuously increasing track record involves, in fact, companies at a worldwide level like Trovagene.” While NMS initially created PCM 075, the agreement that the two companies made enables Trovagene to move forward with global development and commercialization. In return NMS gets $2 million up front. Additionally, NMS will continue to get payments as the medication progresses through development milestones and if/when it hits the market.