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University of Southern California Announces Hodgkin's Lymphoma Breakthrough

This treatment wouldn't cause any lifestyle change

When the group of researchers did test the inhibitor's effects on Hodgkin's lymphoma, they found that the cancer grew significantly slower. On the other hand, when MAO-A levels were increased, the lymphoma was seen to grow at a drastically heightened rate. Therefore, many may want to access these inhibitors in order to keep their lymphoma by gaining even more control. The best part is that it is not a drastic treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation, and one's current routine can be kept - the inhibitor would simply act as a supplement aiding in the destruction of the lymphoma itself. The researchers' suggestions are not at all to alter your course of treatment to switch to the inhibitor, but to remain on one's current course and add it to the lengthy list therapies. This is because the efficacy of the inhibitors were actually found to be higher when used in combination with chemotherapy such as doxorubicin, dacarbazine, bleomycin, or vinblastine (all of which are considered ABVDs). This should be able to improve the treatment of the disease, without disrupting patients' current stability within their own regimens.