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Using Biotechnology to Slow Down Alzheimer's Symptoms

Other advancements

Though the clinical trial outcomes for Alzheimer’s medications continue to disappoint, there have been some successful advancements in other areas such as diagnosis. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai hospital recently tested the possibility of identifying Alzheimer’s via an eye examination rather than PET scans. Currently, PET scans are the only way to conclusively diagnose Alzheimer’s. Though effective, the scans are costly and invasive, as radioactive tracers need to be administered to patients intravenously in order for the scans to yield results. The researchers found that their eye scans, which focused on the retina, were able to identify plaque in the brain as well as PET scans could. Though the trial used a small sample size and the possibility of using eye tests as a means of diagnosis are in the very early stages, this type of innovation shows the possibilities that lay ahead for Alzheimer’s patients.