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Using Radio Energy to Eliminate Arthritis Pain

Radiofrequency therapy

Radiofrequency therapy

For those who are unfamiliar with radiofrequency therapy and ablation, it’s an innovative treatment technology that uses heat to treat arthritis. It has been used for quite a while due to it’s safe, noninvasive components. It is effective, although it doesn’t cure arthritis, it just takes away most of the pain involved. Many patients use radiofrequency ablation in their backs, hands, neck, and knees, giving them greater mobility for greater amounts of time.

Radiofrequency is well tolerated by most patients, even those with severe medical conditions. RT is safe, has a minimal infection and bleeding risk associated with it during treatment, which makes it a great option for anyone suffering from severe arthritis pain. It involves heating up the nerves, like the Coolief treatment, but without the use of water cooled electrodes. The heating of the nerves delays the transmission of pain from the nerves to the brain, preventing the patient from feeling pain while the nerve is heated.

As stated earlier, Coolief has this same process, but while they are heating the nerve, they are also releasing water-cooled electrodes into the area, creating a wide spread relief and longer lasting effect.