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Weight Loss Surgery Can Dramatically Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis, Study Finds

It's not an easy decision

The research team concluded that weight loss after bariatric surgery could help improve disease control, lower markers of inflammation, as well as ease symptoms and medication usage. However, as Dr. Sparks stated – “RA itself is not reason enough to consider the surgery”. Moreover, “the surgery affects the absorption of medication, and there is the issue of wound healing. It’s got to be a careful discussion about case management and whether it’s the right time and the right person” said Dr. Sparks. If you are severely overweight or obese and you have RA, you should be aware of both the benefits and risks associated with bariatric surgery when considering your decision. “It is important for patients to know what their options are, as well as the potential risks of different procedures” said Dr. Sammut. Most important, you should be ready and willing to make permanent lifestyle changes in terms of committing to physical exercise, proper dieting, as well as other healthy habits following surgery.