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Woman with Cystic Fibrosis Gets Double Lung Transplant and Dream Wedding

Her lung transplant was a success

Katelyn’s siblings rushed from Kansas to get to Dallas in time to see Katelyn before she was prepped for surgery. She underwent surgery for nearly 11 hours. “We were all blessed to see her strength and her will to make the most of this precious gift from the moment she was taken off sedation,” said her half-sister, Mollie. Two days after her surgery, Katelyn started to move around and after 12 days, she was discharged from the hospital. “I am so incredibly grateful not only to my donor but to all the supporters who have worked with COTA to organize and participate in transplant fundraisers. It has been humbling but extremely helpful due to the abundance of medical bills that come via mail and transplant-related travel that continues to be necessary,” said Katelyn. 

Photo: KFDI