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Woman with Cystic Fibrosis Gets Double Lung Transplant and Dream Wedding

She and her husband are planning ahead for a family

When asked about her hope for the future, Katelyn stated that she will continue to fight for her life, but it will not prevent her from living it to the fullest. “I must live each day with courage and bravery, knowing each second, each moment, and each day that I am alive is a gift. I look forward to a happy future with the love of my life by my side and my family and friends always putting a smile on my face. I hope one day someone will call me Mom,” she wrote. Katelyn and Brent had 9 embryos created and a good friend is planning to be their surrogate. “I have to focus and from the beginning hope for the best and take it day by day. I never give up on my dreams,” said Katelyn.