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Weight Gain May Prolong Protection from Worsening Symptoms Among Cystic Fibrosis Patients

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Weight Gain May Prolong Protection from Worsening Symptoms Among Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Many fight hard against weight gain, but it is crucial for cystic fibrosis patients, especially during pulmonary exacerbations, or the treatment of acute symptoms that are in the process of worsening. If successful, studies have shown that weight gain can lead to a longer time frame before the symptoms flare up again. The trouble is that it is extremely difficult for cystic fibrosis patients to experience weight gain, or often even to maintain their current weight. The study researching the benefits of weight gain during this time is titled "Weight gain during acute treatment of an initial pulmonary exacerbation is associated with a longer interval to the next exacerbation in adults with cystic fibrosis" and has been published in the European Respiratory Journal Open Research

In patients with cystic fibrosis when the symptoms worsen, it is called as pulmonary exacerbations. These are very common. Such patient usually experience malnutrition. The researchers conducted a study that those with cystic fibrosis during the treatment for pulmonary exacerbation would fare better in their clinical outcome if they have gained weight. 59 patients with chronic pulmonary infection were analyzed. For three years the patients were both examined and tracked. The median time of treatment with antibiotics for which they were assessed was two weeks while one kilogram was the median gain in weight. During the follow up time 98 patients suffered from deterioration and they experienced excruciating symptoms.

The correlation was shown by the researchers that during a period of treatment for pulmonary exacerbation, if weight is gained then the symptoms would take longer period to heighten up. Specifically improved hazard ratios were seen in patients who throughout their treatment were able to gain one kilogram. The hazard ratio changed to 0.79 and the risk for more pulmonary exacerbations became smaller by just gaining weight of one kilogram. The risk would even drop further if the weight gain was more.

In a new area this study has displayed information that is new. However this is not completely perfect.  Since it is a second hand data hence its calibre is not high. The data obtained for this research was potentially skewed.  Also in regard to weight gain as an obstacle to pulmonary exacerbation this study has yet not proven casualty. It is possible that during treatment, weight gain may not be able to fight against pulmonary exacerbations but instead shows optimal working for the treatment.

Hence before the correlation is fully determined it is necessary to address these queries by doing further research. Regarding this study the team of researchers published their final conclusion. They concluded that for pulmonary exacerbations, weight gain is a modifiable risk factor and that in individuals with CF, it can improve the quality of life and clinical care.

This study suggests that a patient with cystic fibrosis should gain weight and this will help to fight against the symptoms better. However one should bear in mind that in this condition, gaining weight is extremely difficult. However for the health of cystic fibrosis, it is absolutely vital to maintain healthy weight and increase it. Hence regardless of how difficult the process might be it is necessary to gain weight by different ways.

Plan your meals ahead. Check the ingredients. For an active day check the food that can keep you on the go. Cook once a day and save energy. Women with CF should eat 2,500 calories in order to maintain current weight. But it is 3000 calories for gaining weight. For men to maintain current weight they should consume 3000 calories but for gaining weight should consume 3,700 calories.

However it is also the quality that counts. If a person with CF to digest fat does not take enough amount of enzymes that from the fat soluble vitamins they will not be able to profit. Even though this study is a great idea but is not conclusive yet. This goal can be attained by following specific regimen.