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Weight Gain May Prolong Protection from Worsening Symptoms Among Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Tips and tricks for gaining weight with cystic fibrosis

When it comes to meals, make sure to plan ahead. If around dinnertime you're suddenly scrambling to think of the ideal meal to pack in those calories, it probably won't happen. Plan all your meals out the night before, maybe even write them down to make sure you have all the necessary ingredients already. Specifically, check if you'll have enough enzymes as well. If you know you're going to be having an active day, think through what food you can bring with you on-the-go and where you will store it.

Save energy and only cook once a day, but enough for a few meals instead of just one. Make enough so you can also have it the next day, or as a snack later the same day, but not too much to where you will get tired of the food, resulting in a diminished appetite. 

Make it personal — if you know you have your most energy at a specific time during the day, make that your cooking time. That way, you won't have to worry about the work during your more fatigued periods, and you'll have something to eat to boost your energy during them.