Suspicious Breast Lumps

1 What are Suspicious Breast Lumps?

Breast lump is a growth if tissue that develops within breast. Most breast lumps aren't dangerous, but it’s important to see doctor to have them evaluated promptly. They can result from:

  • Breast cysts- they are dilated milk duct filled with fluid. A breast cyst may appear before menstrual period and disappear afterward.
  • Fibrocystic breast changes- fullness is felt with the presence of areas with lumpiness and tenderness.
  • Fibroadenomas- they are solid noncancerous tumor which are smooth and move under skin.
  • Injuries and infections- a severe injury to breast and nearby structures will cause development of breast lump.
  • Breast cancer- painless, hard, irregularly shaped and different from surrounding breast tissue can be a breast cancer.

2 Symptoms

Presence of abnormal tissue in the breast is the main symptom of suspicious breast lump. It can be felt in physical examination during palpation.

3 Causes

Causes of breast lumps include:

4 Making a Diagnosis

Diagnosis of breast lumps begins with physical examination. Depending on the age and localization of lump doctor will recommend a mammogram and ultrasound image.

Following examinations are done to determine the diagnosis:

  • Fine-needle aspiration- doctor uses this procedure to determine complex cysts and drain fluid from cysts.
  • Core needle biopsy- a doctor who specializes in diagnosing using medical imaging will perform this procedure. A small sample for analysis is taken by fine needle.
  • Stereotactic biopsy- computer generated images provide 3D image of breast to help doctor guide a needle to lump to collect material for analysis.
  • Surgical- surgery is performed on the breast. lumpectomy is performed.

5 Treatment

Depending on the type of breast lump, treatment options vary. They include:

  • Fibrocystic breasts- hormone therapy is prescribed to treat a patient with fibrocystic breast.
  • Cysts- some breast cysts disappear without any treatment. If the cyst is painful doctor will perform aspiration to remove the fluid out of the cysts.
  • Fibroadenoma- fibro adenoma disappears on its own after some month’s regular ultrasound investigations are required to closely monitor the fibroadenoma. If there are any pathological signs of fibroadenoma. Doctor will suggest removal of the tissue.
  • Infections- infections are cured by antibiotic treatment.
  • Breast cancer- treatment of breast cancer depends on the stage of cancer. Chemotherapy to radiotherapy are used to sure breast cancer.

6 Prevention

To prevent the formation of breast lumps different preventive measures are used for different causes. For infections healthy and hygienic conditions are to be maintained.

Genetically predisposition can’t be prevented. Avoiding exposure to harmful radiation and not working near nuclear power plant will reduce the risk of development of breast cancers.

7 Alternative and Homeopathic Remedies

Some of the home remedies of breast lumps include the following:

  • Avoiding drinks- soft drinks, alcohol containing drinks.
  • Cold compress- cold compress reduces the signs of tenderness and inflammation.
  • Fatty fish- increase consumption of fatty fish which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and mackerel.
  • Vitamin E- foods containing vitamin E such as pine nuts, apricots, almonds, basil and taro root.
  • Vitamin A- retinol containing foods such as orange and red colored fruits must be consumed.
  • Vitamin B6- women with breast lumps must consider taking vitamin B6 it increases the metabolism of estrogen.

8 Lifestyle and Coping

No major lifestyle changes are required for suspicious breast lumps, but reducing stress will increase the speed of healing. Most of the breast lumps do not require any special medical intervention. They heal themselves. 

Some healthy eating and drinking good quantity of water, avoiding substance and alcohol abuse will definitely make life easier. If the lump is irritation and causing serious mental depression consulting a doctor and following the treatment procedures suggested by doctor is recommended.

9 Risks and Complications

There are several risks and complications associated with suspicious breast lumps. Risks include:

  • Genetics- having a family history of breast lumps increases the risk of person acquiring suspicious breast lumps.
  • Age- young women are more predisposes for the development of lumps than old women.
  • Menstrual cycle- the lumps appear to be more prominent in the beginning of the cycle and generally fade away towards the end of menstrual cycle.

Complications of breast lumps include:

  • development of fibrocystic breast changes, fibro adenomas,
  • development of breast cancer is the worst case of complication of breast lumps.

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