Actoplus Met

1 What is Actoplus Met?

Brand: Actoplus Met, Actoplus Met XR

Generic: Pioglitazone And Metformin (Oral Route)

Actoplus Met is used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

The former drug helps in better utilization of insulin by the body while the latter aids its function by reducing absorption of sugar from stomach; its release from the storage sites is decreased  and it also helps the body to use glucose more effectively.

This therapy is supplemented by dietary and lifestyle modification to achieve optimum results.

It is prescription drug which is available only in tablet form which can be quick action or extended release one.

2 What to know before using

Before using Actoplus Met, you must know all about the risks and complications associated with it.

The patient is the authoritative figure when it comes to any medical procedure or any drug therapy. It is important for the patient to know all the details about the drug and then start using it.

Doctor also has a duty to bring out answers from the patient which play important role in treatment like history, any allergy or any medical condition the patient has. For this purpose, it is important to have a detailed session between patient and the physician before starting this drug to sort out all the details.

Detailed history of a patient is extremely important prior to any medical therapy and in this case it is more likely that a drug be started after it. Allergies or any history of allergy to any drug, food, preservatives, dyes or animal products; history of drug usage, past medical or surgical procedure should also be kept in record to predict any drug interaction.

Physical examination should be done before starting this drug so that any physiological or pathological condition by which this drug may interfere may be ruled out.

Age specific analysis is vital to have information about side effects of different age groups. There are not enough studies to prove its safety in children while studies done in elderly population do not reveal any effect which may hamper its usage. Enough studies have not been done in pregnant and breastfeeding women to reveal its potential side effects in this group which may outweigh its usefulness.

Drug interactions are the effects on the therapy or the condition for which the drug is used by other drugs used concomitantly. It is necessary that no drug be started without consulting a physician as other drug may cause alteration in the effect of drug or its removal from the body. There are certain drugs which are contraindicated for use while being on this therapy.

These drugs include:

  • Acetrizoic acid, Diatrizoate, Ethiodized oil, Iobenzamic acid, Iobitridol, Iocarmic acid, Iocetamic acid, Iodamide, Iodipamide, Iodixanol, Iodohippuric acid, Iodopyracet, Iodoxamic acid, Ioglicic acid, Ioglycamic acid, Iohexol, Iomeprol, Iopamidol, Iopanoic acid, Iopentol, Iophendylate, Iopromide, Iopronic acid, Ioseric acid, Iosimide, Iotasul, Iothalamate, Iotrolan, Iotroxic acid, Ioversol, Ioxaglate, Ioxitalamic acid, Ipodate, Metrizamide, Metrizoic acid and Tyropanoate sodium.

Patient should also be counselled about effects of alcohol and tobacco on the patient as these may cause severe interactions.

Medical conditions, other than the condition for which this drug is used, may also affect working of the drug and cause harm. It is important for the patient to give detailed history, and important for the doctor to derive such details from the patient to avoid such circumstances.

The conditions which may interact with this drug include:

3 Proper usage

To use Actoplus Met properly, you must follow all instructions given by your doctor.

It is a prescription drug which should be taken as per doctor’s advice.

It comes with a medication guide which should be read thoroughly to know its usage better.

Take this medication with meals to avoid unwanted stomach problems which may be caused by it.

It is very important to follow the diet and exercise plan devised by a doctor to control diabetes as it is essential for better treatment.

Swallow the extended release tablet as a whole and do not crush or chew it.

4 Precautions to take

Before using Actoplus Met, there are some precautions you must take.

Precautions are the part and parcel of any treatment and patient must adhere to these to improve the outcome. It is the duty of the doctor or any medical care provider to make the patient aware about these tips as an aid to the therapy.

Regular checkup is necessary to look for the progress of the treatment.

Blood and urine tests can be done to check the effect of drug.

Consult your physician if there is any side effect related to cardiac or pulmonary system.

Inform your doctor or dentist about use of this drug prior to any medical procedure or any diagnostic test.

Lactic acidosis is a severe side effect of metformin and should be dealt in emergency room. Rush to get emergency care if there is any abdominal discomfort or muscle cramping which is intolerable.
Regular checkup of vision is necessary as these drugs may cause its deterioration.

Women of child bearing age should discuss the usage of this drug with the doctor as this drug can induce ovulation and hence increase chance of pregnancy.

Women should ask about ways to keep bones healthy as this may result in weakening of bones and increased incidence of fractures in females.

Alcohol should be avoided as it causes drop in blood sugar and may result in more harm.

Do not start any other drug, prescription or non-prescription, without consulting your physician.

Get emergency help in case of an overdose.

Lifestyle and dietary modifications are necessary for the proper working of this drug to its optimum level.

Always keep this drug with you when you are travelling to avoid missing any dose. Missed dose can cause hyperglycemia.

Store it in a dry place at room temperature. Keep it away from the reach of children.

5 Potential side effects

Make sure you meet with your doctor in using Actoplus Met to avoid unwanted potential side effects.

There is no drug in the world which is without its unwanted effects. Some drugs are relatively safe for use while for some drug, the patient should be cautious as these drugs may cause more harm than good.

Patient should always get medical help in case of any adverse effect, no matter how much trivial it is.

Common side effects include:

  • bladder pain,
  • bloody or cloudy urine,
  • difficulty in micturition,
  • frequent urge to urinate,
  • lower back or side pain,
  • body swelling,
  • weight gain,
  • pale skin,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • unusual bleeding or bruising and weakness.