1 What is Depocyt?

Brand: Depocyt

Generic: Cytarabine Liposome (Intrathecal Route)

Brand name:


Cytarabine liposome is a cycle phase-specific antineoplastic agent that is used to treat lymphomatous meningitis, which is lymph system cancer that has spread to the brain.

It is supposed to be administered directly into the cerebrospinal fluid.

It should only be given by your physician or a trained medical professional.

Cytarabine liposome not only affects the growth of cancer cells but also normal cells, which leads to the development of various side effects.

These effects may still be present even after treatment.

If you experience serious effects, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

This medication is sold as a suspension.

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2 What to Know Before Using

Before you start treatment with Cytarabine liposome, make sure you discuss the risks and benefits involved with your treating physician.

It is important that you know all there is to know about this medicine before you and your doctor decide to use it.

Cytarabine liposome should not be used in patients who are allergic to cytarabine or any of its components.

Inform your physician if you have allergies to

  • animals,
  • foods,
  • preservatives,
  • dyes,
  • other medications.

The effects of cytarabine liposome have only been studied in adult patients. The safety and efficacy of this medication in children have not been established. Whereas in geriatric patients, cytarabine liposome is expected to work in the same manner as it does in younger adults.

This medicine was designated a pregnancy category of D, which means that it can put the fetus at risk of harm. Use of cytarabine liposome in nursing women is not recommended. Weigh the risks and benefits carefully.

Concomitant use with live rotavirus vaccine is not advised. Other vaccines you shouldn’t get while receiving this medication include

Give your doctor a complete list of medications, supplements, herbal products, and vitamins that you are currently taking.

Cytarabine liposome should not be used in people with active meningeal infection and cerebrospinal fluid flow blockage.

3 Proper Usage

Cytarabine liposome can cause nausea and vomiting. You should continue the treatment despite the side effects.

Your healthcare provider can give instruct you on how to minimize the effects.

The dosage and timing of this medication depend on the severity of your condition and your body’s response to treatment. Generally, for induction therapy, your doctor will give 50 mg intrathecally at weeks 1 and 3.

For consolidation therapy, dosage should be 50 mg intrathecally at weeks 5, 7 and 9, and then followed up with 1 dose at week 13. For maintenance, 50 mg intrathecally should be administered at weeks 17, 21, 25 and 29.

Follow your physician’s instructions.

4 Precautions to Take

Check in with your treating physician regularly so that he/she can monitor your progress and treat any adverse effect.

Inform your doctor right away if you have the following signs and symptoms:

You need concurrent dexamethasone administration every time you receive cytarabine liposome. While on this medication, you should make sure that you get enough rest and maintain proper nutrition.

Ask your doctor if you need to avoid certain foods.

5 Potential Side Effects

Cytarabine liposome can have a number of side effects. You may not experience all of them.

These side effects are reversible and go away after treatment. Ask your physician how to manage them properly.

Get medical attention right away if you have

If you have swelling of the feet or ankles, sudden weakness or changes in balance and coordination, consult your healthcare provider 24 hours after first noticing these.

If you experience other unusual symptoms, check in with your physician right away.