Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive

1 What is Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive?

Brand: Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive

Generic: Medroxyprogesterone and estradiolare

Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive is hormone combinations used as a method of birth control. This drug combination works by arresting the development of the ova each month which prevents fertilization with a sperm cell. This drug requires a prescription.

2 What to Know Before Using

Your doctor will inform you of what you need to know before using Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive.

Before taking this drug, the risks and benefits for your body should be discussed with your healthcare provider. Inform your healthcare provider for any allergic reactions to these drugs or any other drugs, foods, dyes, preservatives, or animals.

Carefully read the label of non-prescription drugs for any possible allergic reaction or contraindications. Studies in the elderly regarding the correlation of age to the effects of estradiol valerate and dienogest combination have not been performed while it is not expected to produce any pediatric-specific problems that would limit the utility of this drug in teenagers.

This drug may be used for birth control in teenage females but is not indicated before the start of menstruation. Studies in the elderly regarding the association of age to the effects of estradiol valerate and dienogest combination have not been performed. Use in elderly women is not recommended. Fetal abnormalities have been determined in studies of animals or pregnant women.

This drug is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant because the risk clearly outweighs any possible benefit. Infant risk is still undetermined when using this drug during breastfeeding.

Discuss with your healthcare professional about the potential risks and benefits before taking this drug while breastfeeding. Drugs should not be taken together to prevent any interactions but in necessary cases inquire your healthcare provider regarding the adjustments in dosage or any other necessary precautions to prevent any unwanted side effects.

Inform your healthcare professional if you are taking any other drugs such as Tranexamic Acid, Bupropion, Carbamazepine, Ceritinib, Crizotinib, Dabrafenib, Darunavir, Dasabuvir, Donepezil, Eliglustat, Fentanyl, Idelalisib, Isotretinoin, Lumacaftor, Nilotinib, Piperaquine, Pixantrone, Sugammadex, Theophylline, Tizanidine, Topotecan, Alprazolam, Amprenavir, Aprepitant, Atazanavir, Bacampicillin, Betamethasone, Bexarotene, Bosentan, Clarithromycin, Colesevelam, Cyclosporine, Delavirdine, Efavirenz, Etravirine, Fosamprenavir, Fosaprepitant, Fosphenytoin, Ginseng, Griseofulvin, Ketoconazole, Lamotrigine, Levothyroxine, Licorice, Modafinil, Mycophenolate, Mofetil, Mycophenolic Acid, Nelfinavir, Oxcarbazepine, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Prednisolone, Primidone, Rifabutin, Rifampin, Rifapentine, Ritonavir, Rosuvastatin, Rufinamide, Selegiline, St John's Wort, Tacrine, Telaprevir, Tipranavir, Topiramate, Troglitazone, Troleandomycin, Voriconazole, or Warfarin.

Intake of specific food or using alcohol or tobacco with this drug is associated with an increased risk of certain side effects.

Your healthcare professional can give you special instructions about the use of food, alcohol, or tobacco. Inform your healthcare provider for any other medical problems such as abnormal or unusual vaginal bleeding, blood clots, breast cancer, history of heart attack, liver disease, blood clotting disorders, stroke, surgery with a long period of inactivity, tumors, angioedema, epilepsy, gallbladder disease, hereditary angioedema, hypercalcemia, hypertension, hypertriglyceridemia, hypocalcemia, hypothyroidism, jaundice during pregnancy or from using hormonal therapy in the past, liver tumors, migraine headache, porphyria, or systemic lupus erythematosus.

3 Proper Usage

To use Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive properly, you must follow all instructions given by your doctor.

The dose of this drug will be variable for different patients. The directions on the label or the prescription by your healthcare professional should be followed. The dosage of this drug you take depends on the medical problem for which you are using this drug. Adults opting for contraception are given 0.5 milliliters injected into a muscle in the upper arm, upper thigh or in the buttocks every 28 to 30 days. Contact your healthcare professional if you miss your next injection by day 33. You will be advised to undergo a pregnancy test before taking another dose. For the meantime, you will be also advised to use other forms of birth control until your healthcare professional rules out pregnancy.

4 Precautions to Take

Before using Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive, there are some precautions you must take.

Regular visits every year should be made to your healthcare provider to track your progress and to monitor the effectiveness of the drug. Physical examinations will usually be scheduled every 12 months while you are required to return to your healthcare professional every 28 to 30 days to get your injection. This drug does not prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

5 Potential Side Effects

Make sure you meet with your doctor in using Lunelle Monthly Contraceptive to avoid unwanted potential side effects.

Side effects may vary for each individual and prompt medical attention should be given if they occur. Seek advice from your healthcare professional immediately if you experience any unusual symptoms such as bloating or swelling of face, hands, lower legs and/or feet, cough, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, fast heartbeat, hives, itching, loss of appetite and nausea, puffiness or swelling of the eyelids or around the eyes, face, lips or tongue, rapid weight gain, shortness of breath, tightness in chest, unusual tiredness or weakness, vomiting blood, wheezing, yellow eyes or skin, nausea, menstrual irregularities, vaginal bleeding, or vomiting.

Some side effects may occur that usually do not need medical attention. As your body adjusts to the medicine, the side effects will slowly disappear. Ask your healthcare professional about ways to prevent or reduce some of these side effects. If any of the following side effects persists, or are inconvenient, or if you notice any other effects, or if you have any questions about them, consult with your health care professional. Report any side effects to the FDA hotline at 1-800-FDA-1088.

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