1 What is Vagistat-1?

Brand: Vagistat-1, Monistat-1

Generic: Tioconazole

Vagistat-1 is an antifungal drug, used to treat vaginal yeast infection. This medication weakens the cell membrane of the fungi causing their death.

Read your medication guide and follow your doctor’s prescription at all times.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and then insert Tioconazole into the vagina by using an applicator, once a day before sleeping/ bedtime per doctor’s prescription.
  • Lie on your back comfortably with your knees drawn towards your chest. Insert the applicator halfway into the vagina or as far as it will go. Then, gently press the plunger of the applicator until the full dose of this medicine has been completely administered. Watch out for any reaction and wash your hands afterwards. Discard the applicator properly or as directed by your pharmacist.
  • The dosage depends on your medical condition or treatment response. Do not adjust your dose without your doctor’s recommendation.
  • Use Tioconazole with full caution. Do not let this topical medication from getting in contact with your eyes. Otherwise, rinse your eyes with water immediately and inform your doctor if your eye irritation persists.
  • Continuously use this medication even during your menstrual period. Wear sanitary napkin to prevent stains into your clothing. Do not use a tampon, spermicides, douches or any other vaginal products while on treatment.
  • Do not engage in sexual intercourse because this medication reduces the efficacy rate of diaphragms and condoms. This may increase your risk to acquire sexually transmitted disease (STD) and pregnancy.
  • Keep your genital area (vagina) dry after bathing, showering or swimming. Do not wear tight clothing, wet bathing suit or sweaty clothes for long periods. Wear cotton underwear at all times and change it every day.
  • Continue using this medication on a regular schedule (same time of the day). Do not stop using this medication abruptly without consulting your doctor.

Inform your doctor immediately if your condition did not improve after 3 days of treatment, symptoms lasted more than 7 days and the infection gets worst or it recurs after 2 months.

Apply your missed dose as soon as possible. However, missed dose on this medication is rarely a problem because this is applied once a day only.

Vagistat-1 may interact with:

  • Immune system suppressant drugs (i.e. cyclosporine)
  • Steroids (i.e. prednisone) and
  • Antibiotics.

Some drugs may either lessen the beneficial effects or worsen the side effects of Tioconazole. Likewise, Tioconazole may make some drugs less efficient or intensify their side effects.

Make sure to inform your doctor about all other drugs you are currently taking or using (prescribed and non-prescribed medications including vitamins, minerals, and herbal products) to check for possible drug interaction with Tioconazole

Never alter the doses of other medications while on Tioconazole neither stop nor start any medicine without the doctor’s recommendation.

Side Effects: There are no side effects known aside from a possible allergic reaction in people who have previous or unknown hypersensitivity to the drug.

Watch out for signs of allergic reactions such as:

  • Rash
  • Itching
  • Swelling

Before taking Vagistat-1, tell your health care provider if you have/are:

  • Any allergies to any substance, food or medication , particularly to tioconazole or other anti- fungal agents
  • Medical history or a present condition such as:
  • Problems in the immune system such as HIV/AIDS
  • Recurrent vaginal yeast infection (3 times in 6 months or 4 times in a year) and
  • Pregnant, planning to get pregnant or currently breastfeeding a baby (It is not known if Tioconazole can harm the unborn baby or if it passes through the breast milk that may harm the nursing child. The risks and benefits of using this medication during pregnancy must be discussed well with your doctor.)
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