Ablation Therapy

1 What is an Ablation Therapy?

Ablation therapy is a kind of procedure doctors utilise to destroy abnormal tissue that occurs with many conditions.

For instance, your doctor may use an ablation procedure to treat a small kidney tumor or to ablate (kill) a small amount of heart tissue causing abnormally rapid heart rythms.

Doctors may perform albation therapy using probes that are inserted through the skin, flexible tube (catheters) inserted through an artery or energy beams to reach the area being treated.

Imaging techniques can also be used to guide the ablation process.

The abnormal tissue is injured or destroyed with

  • heat (radiofrequency ablation),
  • extreme cold (croablation),
  • lasers or a chemical.
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2 Reasons for Procedure

Here are the most common reasons to receive an ablation therapy procedure:

Ablation therapy may protect healthy tissues and reduce the risks and discomforts of open surgery.

You have a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery after ablation therapy compared to open surgery. 

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