Hair Removal

1 What is a Hair Removal?

Read on to learn more about hair removal procedures.

Most people have unwanted hair on the upper lip, the chin, cheeks, on the back, legs, fingers, feet or toes. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, certain medications such as hormones or steroids, or even medical abnormalities, such as higher androgen (male hormone) levels or conditions of the endocrine system, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

There are several hair removal strategies, but none are 100% permanent.

Shaving is best for legs, arms or facial hair but this method can cause ingrown hairs.

Plucking is best for reshaping eyebrows or pulling out few stray hairs that may appear on the face because it is a very painful method and it can cause ingrown hairs or scarring.

Depilitation is done with hair removal creams but the person must be very cautious. For example, cream for face must only be used in the face and cream for legs only on the lags. Also, the chemicals in the cream can cause superficial burns and if a person has a history of allergic reactions, it must seek the advice of the doctor before trying any hair removal creams.

Hot waxing method can be performed by a professional in a salon or it can be done at home. The method can be messy and may leave some hairs behind because they can break off and infection is one side effect of watching for and it time to get the waxing services in Johns Creek. Lots of women use this method in the bikini area and for hair on the upper lip.

Laser hair removal method is one of the longest-lasting methods during which the laser beam or a light pulse works to destroy the hair bulb itself. It generally requires 3-4 or more treatment sessions so it can be expensive and sometimes painful and it can be done only in people with dark hair.

Electrolysis can be done by two methods:

  • Galvanic-during which chemical destroy hair follicle
  • Thermolytic-during which heats destroys the hair follicle

It can be done in all parts of the body and it must be done by a professional who is highly trained and knowledgeable with this hair removal method.