Kegel Exercises For Women

1 What are Kegel Exercises for Women?

Kegel exercises for women help strengthen pelvic floor muscles below the bladder to help control urination and to improve and sometimes even completely regain bladder control.

Women can locate these muscles during urination by trying to stop or slow down the flow of urine without tensing the muscles in buttocks, abdomen, and legs or by laying down, putting a finger inside the vagina and trying to squeeze the finger.

When she senses these muscles, she can do the exercise by pulling in the pelvic muscles and counting to three. Then a woman should relax counting to three and repeating the exercise 10 do 15 times three times a day.

Exercises can be done by standing, sitting and laying down and it is the best to combine all three ways. They require patience but results can be seen in three to six weeks, sometimes even sooner.

If a woman does not see any change in more than six weeks, she should talk to a doctor because maybe she did not locate the right muscles, and the doctor can help.

It is very important that women do the exercise regularly, every day and pays attention to progress (less or fewer leaking).

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