Wrinkle Fillers

1 What are Facial Fillers for Wrinkles?

The substances that temporarily soften wrinkles when injected into your skin is called facial fillers.

The lasting effect will depend on the factors such as the type of the filler that is used or type of the wrinkle.

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2 Reasons for Procedure

Here are the most common reasons to undergo facial fillers for wrinkles procedure.

Wrinkle fillers can give you more youthful look cheaper than what a traditional facelift costs.

This procedure mostly lasts up to 30 minutes or less and the result can last from four months up to more than a year. This treatment is fast and easy.

3 Potential Risks

Some of the risks of having facial filler include:

  • allergic reaction
  • formation of tiny bumps under the skin that may be permanent
  • a bluish skin discoloration is known as Tyndall effect that can last up for several months
  • skin cell may die but very rare
  • blindness and nerve paralysis but very rare

4 Preparing for your Procedure

In preparing for facial fillers for wrinkles procedure, you must follow your doctor’s orders. 

This procedure is an outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure that will soften wrinkles but is temporary only.

You will be given local anesthesia and after the surgery, you will have bruising and feeling of discomfort. Not every wrinkle-filler is the right fit for everyone.

You will have less risk if you used the correct one. That is why you would want fillers to be injected to you by a certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

5 What to Expect

Here you can find out what to expect from facial fillers for wrinkles procedure.

Your doctor will have an in-depth consultation with you so you can understand the benefits and risks of this procedure.

Some of the types of fillers are:

  • Hyaluronic acid that draws fluid to the treated area
  • Bovine collagen
  • fat cells harvested from your body or autologus fat
  • man-made biodegradable polymer or Sculptra
  • calcium hydroxylapatite
  • microscopic plastic beads

6 Procedure Results

If you do not understand your facial fillers for wrinkle procedure results, consult with your doctor.

You can expect some pain, swelling, redness and possible itching after the filler injection. Swelling may last up to 36 hours.

Consult your doctor immediately if the symptoms get worse one to three days after the surgery because this may indicate infection.