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#MeToo. Men Share Their Stories of Persevering Through Sexual Assault

“She painted a different picture and it’s now my word against hers.”

Craig* had a friend whose wife would hit on him. Instead of telling her to stop, he would laugh it off because they were all friends from school and she’d do it in front of her husband and his wife. One night, they had a party, and he fell asleep on the couch.

He woke up not too much later and saw that his friend’s wife was hovering over him. When he asked her about what she was doing, she didn’t say a word. For the rest of the night, he stayed close to his friend while his wife was in the bedroom, and they both fell asleep in the living room. He told his friend what happened, and his wife, but he wasn’t sure if they really believed him.

A few months later, everybody in their friend circle knows what happened because she told them. She told a completely different story, and he was pretty sure that what happened was considered rape. He lost everything. His marriage fell apart, and his  friend stopped talking to him.