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#MeToo. Men Share Their Stories of Persevering Through Sexual Assault

"It was kind of a joke at first but later on I started to realise that I actually had been raped."

Scott* was in college, living with a group of guys. When they would go out drink, sometimes Scott would pass out in the common room instead of sleeping in his room. One night, a few people came back to their place to drink and he blacked out.

His friends helped him sleep on the couch to keep an eye on him to make sure that he wouldn’t get sick. They even put a trash can near him. Scott remembered a girl being there who came with the group they hung out with that night. While she was flirting with the guys, none of them were interested in her.

After everyone went to their beds, Scott was alone and woke up without a recollection of what else happened that night. It took his friend a few days to tell him, but he’s happy that he did. At 4 am, his friend walked into the common area to grab some water, and he saw that same girl on top of Scott’s body

While he and his friends treated it as a joke, he realized later on that it was considered rape.