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#MeToo. Men Share Their Stories of Persevering Through Sexual Assault

“I sobered up in that one second and quickly shoved her off of me.”

Thomas* was in the backseat of a cab while his roommate and girlfriend were fighting loudly. He was sitting next to the girlfriend’s friend, and then everything got very blurry. While sitting there, he felt all the alcohol hit him at once, and he remembered that he made it back to his apartment with his roommate, the girlfriend, and her friend in tow.

His roommate was still arguing with the girlfriend, so they left him outside, and Thomas brought the friend inside their apartment. He passed out in his room, unsure of where the friend went, and then he woke up to see his roommate’s girlfriend on top of him.

He said that he sobered up right away, and immediately, pushed her off of him. She yelled at him just loud enough for his roommate to hear, and then left after he told her to get out. Thomas said, “I lay there for a minute trying to analyse what just happened, when I start to feel sick. Not sure if it was the alcohol or the incident that just occurred, but I ran to the bathroom to puke. I returned to my bed and fell back asleep.”