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#MeToo. Men Share Their Stories of Persevering Through Sexual Assault

"I think some kind of spiritual connection is necessary for healing."

*James endured a childhood that would have and should have broken anyone. From the outside looking in, his family was your average, church-attending, all American family. What went on behind doors was beyond horrific. James’ father abused him in a sadistic manner, both physically and sexually, while his mother was psychotic, also engaging in the sexual and emotional abuse of her son. At the age of 16, his older brother and only sibling committed suicide, and at age 21, his father was murdered.

James suffered immensely into his adulthood, leading him to struggle with suicidal thoughts and addiction. Despite everything that was lined up against him, James defied the odds. He has become very successful in our material world, and, more importantly, he is a man of compassion. He has found the light and meaning in his life, earning a Master’s Degree in Psychology, running a non-profit organization, writing, and speaking, helping others to find hope and heal. He believes that even the most tortured man is capable of finding joy.