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Reasons Why You May Need Hydrocelectomy

Reasons Why You May Need Hydrocelectomy

Hydrocelectomy is an operation that is used to remove hydrocele from an individual. The term hydrocele refers to the accumulation of serum fluid around the testicle. This fluid is secreted by a pouch of serous membrane that lines the testicles called tunica vaginalis.

Hydrocele that occurs to infants below one year of age usually resolves on its own as long as there's no hernia present. If re-absorption of serous fluid is hindered, the fluid accumulation occurs. This accumulation explains the occurrence of primary hydroceles.

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Causes of Hydroceles

In most cases of hydroceles that are reported, the cause is not known. However, the following are known to result in hydroceles;

  • Development of a generalized swelling that is located at the lower half of your body as a result of fluid retention.
  • Abnormality in the testes. An infection or inflammation or even an injury that occurs to the testis may be the root cause of hydroceles.


In the case of hydroceles, you should be in the lookout for the following symptoms:

  • Experiencing pressure at the base of the penis
  • Swelling of the scrotum
  • The scrotum becomes reddish
  • Pain around on the scrotal region

However, in most cases, hydrocele does not show symptoms to the affected person. You may just realize an increase in the size of the scrotum if you are observant.

As such, medical check-up should be taken regularly. Let us take a look at the medical diagnosis of hydrocele.

Why Seek Treatment?

As with many other diseases or infections, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as you realize you have hydroceles.

     1. Rule out symptoms of other infections

Hydrocele is a condition that is accompanied by a number of symptoms. The major symptom associated to the condition is swelling and inflammation. However, these are similar symptom as those experienced by people with cancer.

Undergoing hydrocelectomy early enough will help you rule out the feat of cancer. Many people get worried of cancer immediately they realize abnormalities caused by hydrocele. Once you undergo hydrocelectomy your testicles go back to normal and hence you cannot worry about cancer.

     2.  Get rid of pain

Many men will confess to you that there is nothing more painful than pain around their testicles, penis, or scrotum. Once you have hydrocele, you will feel some pain around the scrotum region. This pain can be experienced with different intensity depending on your position. The sensation may be different when you're standing or when you're sitting. In some cases, there is also discomfort when walking. Once the medical procedure is performed, you do not have to worry about any of these discomforts anymore.

     3. Makes you comfortable

Having a swollen scrotum is definitely one of the most uncomfortable experiences a man can go through. You won't be able to walk, stand or sit properly. It is quite bothersome to walk with the feeling of something heavy hanging under your penis. With hydrocelectomy, all it takes is just 30 minutes of operation time to end this uncomfortable condition.

     4.  Avoid other infections

As the fluid continues to increase in the scrotum, it will cause stretching of the body tissues. Hydrocelectomy will help you avoid such effects. This will make sure that the tissues grow normal.

If the fluid accumulates in the scrotum for a long time, it may develop into other unforeseen infections. There is a possibility of suffering from other reproductive or bacterial infections. Since the fluid is not necessary in the scrotum, it may lead to bacterial infections.

     5. Reduce the chances of becoming infertile

The testicles are very important organs when it comes to a man’s health and fertility. These organs are responsible for vital male reproductive functions. Male testicles are found in the scrotum to maintain specific environmental conditions necessary for sperm synthesis.

If the fluid is allowed to remain in the scrotum, it interferes with the temperature levels necessary for sperm synthesis in the testicles. This may lead to reduced sperm production which can then cause temporary infertility. Undergoing hydrocelectomy will help reduce the chances of such effects.

      6. Gain back your confidence

If you have swollen scrotum it will obviously be difficult to have sex.This comes as a shame to men especially if you are married. You can no longer satisfy your wife in bed. You will also lack confidence to women since you cannot do anything.

It is also a shame to a man knowing that you have swollen scrotum.This will make many shy away from women. However, there is no reason for worry. After hydrocelectomy, it will no longer be the same.

    7.  You may need it to maintain your erection

This is very important especially for the adults. You definitely need to maintain your erection if you want to have sexual intercourse. If the condition goes to the extremes, then this may not happen. The penis requires a lot of blood supply to achieve and maintain an erection.

On the other hand, when you have hydrocele, there is a lot of pressure in the scrotum which may stop blood flow to your penis. This will make it difficult for you to have a full erection. If you undergo the treatment, then you will not have to worry about this anymore.

   8.  Avoid other minor symptoms

The condition is accompanied by quite unpleasant symptoms that you do not want to experience. The other reason you need hydrocelectomy is to get rid of such symptoms. This may include having a reddish scrotum. The fluid accumulated causes the scrotum to turn reddish.

The condition also poses some problems to the penis. As a result of swelling of the scrotum and reduced space, you will experience some pressure at the base of the penis.

The Bottom Line

Just like any medical condition, it is important to consult your doctor. It is important not to ignore minor symptoms. Always err on the safe side and have regular check-ups with your doctor. These check-ups may reveal conditions that do not necessarily display obvious symptoms, like how hydroceles usually are. Once you've been diagnosed accordingly, you can now take the appropriate steps to treat the condition. As with all matters related to one's health, it's crucial to not ignore symptoms or delay the treatment.