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What Are the Best Ways to Boost My Energy?

What Are the Best Ways to Boost My Energy?

There are a number of simple lifestyle changes that may be helpful in improving your energy levels and keep you tuned for the entire day. These simple strategies may take some time to become habitual, but once you get the hang of it you will see immediate results.

  • Energy foods – Foods rich in carbohydrates only energize you temporary, and it can leave you famished after an hour. Whole grain crackers, whole wheat sandwiches, and low-fat cheese are the best options for keeping you awake. The key is to sustain the levels of blood glucose levels for a long time.
  • Healthy breakfast – Eating high fiber, carbohydrate-rich breakfast provides the energy boost for a long duration. High fiber cereals and whole wheat bread are ideal choices in this category.
  • Have short breaks throughout the day – Taking short breaks helps to clear fatigue and improve alertness in the work. Studies show that short breaks of five to ten minutes helps to improve the energy levels considerably. This is sure to improve the speed and accuracy of the task in hand.
  • Be active – Take short walks in between to keep away the fatigue and feel energized. Walking briskly for ten minutes increases the energy levels for the next two hours, say experts. And this is much better than taking a sugar-rich candy to improve energy.
  • Meditation – Meditating for a short period of time is ideal to calm down and improve the spirits. Experts are of the opinion that mini-meditation helps to replenish energy levels and to take control of it. This helps to relax and bring in more of positive thoughts to our mind.
  • Be positive – Having positive thoughts and surrounding yourselves by positive people is ideal for increasing the energy levels in mind. Stress is the most important factor in reducing energy levels of a person. Presence of negative thoughts in mind or being in the company of a negative person is enough to make a person stressed out. Try not to crowd the mind with their opinions or thoughts. Think positively and keep stress at bay. 

Key Takeaways

  • To stay awake, eat foods rich in whole grains, as these foods can make you stay awake and full longer.
  • Get up and walk around throughout your work day to stay alert.