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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

1. Your Partner Starts Dressing Better

Relationships are hard, no matter how perfectly things seem in the beginning.

After the initial “honeymoon” period, the ardent passion dies down, and you and your partner settle into a casual, comfortable routine. That’s when the real work starts. Both individuals have to put in effort to make the relationship exciting again, and if you get lazy about it, you risk growing apart and alienating one another. When this occurs, cheating becomes more likely. Of course, some people will give a relationship their all and still experience the heartbreak of their partner cheating on them.

Whatever the case, there are actually some subtle (or not so subtle) indications that your significant other currently is or plans on cheating. To make it easier to either ease your mind or confirm your suspicions, we’ve compiled 10 signs of cheating to look for in your partner.

One of the more obvious tells comes from their attire. According to Dr. Douglas T. Kenrick, if “[y]our partner is spending an inordinate amount of money on clothing, especially of the form-fitting, hugs-that-well-defined-body variety,” it’s a strong indication they are engaging in an affair. A new wardrobe is usually used to impress someone, in the case of cheating, the object of your partner’s sexual interest. 

Dressing nicely for work is one thing, but actively filling their closet with all-new clothes purchases is definitely a sign something is up. That drastic of a shift is indicative of their altered mindset, which has moved away from your current relationship to a new one.