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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

The average affair is two years long

There are different types of physical cheating, ranging from one night stands to long affairs. Regardless of where they start or who they’re with, the length of time an affair lasts can differ, but a large percentage of them last about two years. For married couples, research has stated the highest chance of infidelity occurs not at the seven-year itch, as many previously thought, but rather much earlier, at the two-year mark. 

According to one study, about 50% of affairs last longer than a month, but less than a year, while 40% extend as long as two years or more. Some cheating relationships fizzle out after six months, while others (though rarer) can actually end marriages or other current relationships. However, studies have found that only about 15% of marriages are broken up by infidelity, indicating people’s desire to hold on to their marital commitment. Whether these numbers are meant to reassure or not is up to the individual.