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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

People are most likely to have affairs with coworkers

Unfortunately, a significant number of affairs happen through the workplace. According to a 2017 survey done by Trustify, 36% of men and women have admitted to cheating with a coworker. In fact, the workplace is the most common place for a partner to meet someone else and engage in an affair.

Working together, especially in close quarters or on frequent projects, can form friendships, but it can also lead to greater closeness that turns into physical intimacy. They often feel they can relate to their coworker more than their romantic partner as they share a different bond through their workplace experiences. They may also think it’s a little easier to cheat with a colleague because they can explain away their odd behavior by blaming work. Longer hours, frequent business trips, projects that keep them late at the office — all are common attempts to hide an extramarital affair at the workplace.