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10 Signs Your Partner Is Going to Cheat

Pay attention to how your partner treats their family and friends

How your partner acts around family and friends or any other close associates can sometimes offer a tell-tale sign of infidelity. Guilt is a powerful emotion that can seep into other aspects of one’s life, both consciously and not. Often times, cheaters will pull away from their family and friends. This emotional distancing is meant to hide their extramarital affair and shame, as they know they’re doing something wrong and they don’t want anyone they love or respect to find out and be disappointed in them.

Moreover, close relationships like those between a parent and child or best friends have a higher chance of discovering infidelity because they know the other person very well. This makes it difficult for your partner to hide their cheating, hence their avoidance of family and friends.

If your significant other is suddenly pulling away from people they were once close to, pay attention, as it could be a sign of an affair.